All FPH Network Groups

FPH network groups have been taken offline.

We would now like to incorporate the network groups and FPH’s online discussion forum function, within our Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

FPH has more than 30 SIGs covering a range of public health issues. These provide a very similar function to the network groups. Both are a space for people with an interest in a particular public health issue to discuss and share ideas with like-minded people. There are also a number of overlaps between specific policy network groups and SIGs and cross-over between memberships.

The big difference is that members of SIGs meet and talk with each other on a regular basis, run projects and events, and produce various reports and policy documents to support the FPH membership and wider public health community. SIGs are also supported by FPH staff.

To find out more about SIGs, go to