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What are the FPH Network Groups?

The Faculty's specialist interest 'network groups' are both email and web-based discussion groups designed to facilitate:

  • networking between individuals (in the UK and worldwide) who share a common interest in a particular area of public health, whether it be practice, policy or research
  • the exchange of ideas, knowledge and best practice in the field of public health

As well as encouraging discussion and collaboration, the network groups system allows for the development of a communal resource of reference documents and useful links.


How do the groups work?

Anyone with a legitimate interest in public health is able to join the network groups. New users must first register, and once their account has been activated they will be able to join any number of the theme-based groups.

Once registered and subscribed to the groups of their choice, users can choose to either send and receive discussion emails by logging onto the website, or via their email account.

Some groups are 'closed' and can be joined by invitation only. These cannot be viewed by general members.

To view all active discussion groups, go to 'All Groups'

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Create your own network group

Could your specialist interest in public health benefit from its own network group? We want our system to meet the changing needs of our members. Therefore we have a flexible approach to creating and maintaining groups. Get further information on launching and moderating a new network group.

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